The secret behind my Instagram Story

Hey my loves, it’s been a long long time since my last post…

The past few months have been a real roller coaster in my life but more on that later. 

I finally have the time to publish the post about my IG stories that I promised you. 

I’m going to explain quickly, and I want to tell you the three apps I’m using to elevate my Instagram stories. 

So here we go : 

1) Unfold 

This app is lately a big trend on Instagram, and it helps people create more fun pages for your story. I always use it because it just gives an extra touch to my story and of course, it’s fun!

2) Huji 

The best app for the old style lover. Many people are using this one to give their photos the old school film look. 

3) Afterlight 

Say hello to dust, grain, light leaks, and a little filter to add some grunge to your photos. You can play a lot with this app because it has many options to choose from.

So I hope you can use these apps to beautify your own stories! Enjoy!

Portraits done by Nadia 

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