A tribute to summer rain 

“Imagine, she finally did it. She created that blog she always dreamed and talked about. It is now my great pleasure to congratulate her for her decision, because, you see, in my opinion, she’s not the kind of girl that should keep quiet about the thoughts, ideas and feelings that make her who she truly is. I’ll simply say that she has a great need to share all the things that fascinate, surprise and inspire her. If you would ask me to describe her, to reveal what characterizes her the most I’ll probably tell you that it is her ambition. She is the type of human that chases beauty in moments, and happiness in these precious instants, that make our life worth enjoying. But most of all, she tries to understand. To understand what goes on in our heads and our hearts.

Yeah, I would say that she is looking for the great answers to the questions that occupy our minds when we start thinking about ourselves, about life, love, family and friends. It is by creating this blog, that she eventually decided to let down her walls and to open herself up to the one’s who want to listen. If I had to compare her soul to an atmosphere, I would tell you that she’s like summer rain. Both strangely unpredictable and beautifully surprising. I won’t say more, because you’ll see by yourself that «there are poems inside of her that paper can’t handle». Please, share your impressions and opinions with her and most of all: enjoy the blog !”- Laura D.

Hi and welcome to my blog.

My name is Romalea and I’m a 22 years old student of french literature speaking six languages. Being a girl with balkan roots and raised in Luxembourg, I’m trying to figure out how to survive my student life in Strasbourg.

As they say «it’s the little things in life», I would say that I am deeply in love with my family, friends and of course travelling. Being blessed with so many things I’m trying to embrace every small moment in my life while capturing it. Thanks for following along my journey.

LOVE, Romalea


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